ICENI in concert

With: Lady Caroline Mary
Star & Shadow Cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Friday, July 15 at 8:00pm

Great pop songs have lives of their own. That’s why the best live on into the future, and get covered, deconstructed and rebuilt. They sound like they’re easy to write, and that makes them the hardest of all to compose.

But Iceni seem to do exactly that. They have a brain for pop that creates tunes that stay in your head, and that are radio AND dancefloor friendly. They’re the best chart band you’ve never heard of.

While the upbeat joyousness of Fleetwood Mac, Abba and 10cc runs like a spine through their music, there are other milestones. Bassist Lindsay works as a jazz singer, and Liz Corney as a singing teacher. “We’ve other influences” she says, but “we never pre-plan writing a pop song. The way we are as people means that everything we write seems to be up-tempo. There’s no navel gazing”

They headline a showcase gig in the Star & Shadow Cinema on July 15, playing in the screening room, where the intimate space creates an atmosphere unrivalled in Newcastle, and where Iceni are sure to be appreciated for their superb songwriting talent.

Support comes from Lady Caroline Mary (“hilarious and highly accomplished” – Narc):

Tickets: £5 on the door.

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