About Urban & Eastern

Welcome to Urban Eastern, a North East based live music promoter and record label.clarisse2

We specialise in music that has its roots in, but is not held back by, tradition, pre-electric technology, and a sense of history. Urban + Eastern is about returning to basics; rawness, honesty, aggression – attacking commerciality and the things that have whittled away the soul of our music.

Our events and record releases explore music made with love by people who are passionate about making music, not people who are passionate about being famous, or being ‘in a band’.

It’s not about making money. It’s about wanting a return to what made music exciting and fascinating when we first started listening to it.


Jona Aal, Tracey Lee Baglin, Orla Bogue, Debbie Bower, Simon Canaway, Louise Corcoran, Brian Deggar, Jenny Dewar, Mat Fleming, Owen Gilfellon, David de la Haye, Bridie Jackson, Sarah van Jellie, Clarisse Kingweze, Steve Marshall, Stephanie Oswald, Harriet Plewis, Arto Polus, Emily Portman, Krista Puranen, Nicky Rushton, Nathalie Stern, Sean Taylor, Jule Wilson, Kallie Wolstenholme

One response to “About Urban & Eastern

  1. Loved the latest Fiona Sally Miller song/video.

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