With: Dirty Diamonds / Lady K and her Kooky Kitchen
Cafe de l’Arte, Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 12 at 8:00pm

Ever mused on the relationship between Test Cricket and hip-hop? Lapsang Souchong and NWA? A bowlful of Schermerhorn Flake and ‘busting a move’

These are the concerns of Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, a one-man mission to introduce hip-hop to the Queen’s English. He calls it Chap-Hop.

A bastard cross between Terry-Thomas, Chuck D and George Formby, Mr B has spent the best part of a decade in an attempt to bring some manners back into popular culture. This dopest of fellows takes to the stage with his banjolele and stiff upper lip to perform ditties about pipe-smoking, cricket and sexual misadventure, as well as some more well-known pieces from the world of hip-hop, re-worked in true Chap-Hop fashion.

With a handlebar moustache, boating blazer and cravat, Mr.B has played recitals across the UK and explored Johnny Continent in the past two years – from the Glastonbury Festival to Club NME in Paris. He’s been described by Tom Robinson as “pure genius” and his recent video ‘Chap-Hop history’ received over 100,000 hits in its first week on youtube.

He headlines a night of brandy drinking, good manners and phat beats at the Cafe de l’Arte on May 12 2010, supported by Newcastle’s own Dirty Diamonds, and Lady K and her Kooky Kitchen.

Dirty Diamonds play ukulele, banjo, viola and stylophone and have appeared in grubby pubs, smart nightclubs and festivals across the North East. As queer and traditional as a ten-bob note, they’ll shock your maiden aunt, but she’ll know exactly what they’re referring to! Imagine Hinge and Brackett (plus Handle) appearing on League of Gentleman. Their debut EP, GAYDAR ALERT, was launched in late 2009.

A combination of style, substance, tweed, banjolele and tea-drinking madness, Lady K and her Kooky Kitchen are a three-piece renowned for taking exuberant delight in salacious songwriting with all the joy and humour of old-time music, playing 1920s and 30s style Tin Pan Alley and ragtime in the spirit of Mae West, Ruth Etting and Fanny Brice.

Advance tickets are £6.50 (including booking fee) and available from Paypal


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