Swinging UK & The Mood Man

Star + Shadow Cinemas&sSWINGUK[19jun]_r19MAY
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Friday, June 19 at 7.30pm


SWINGING UK parts I and II (1964)

Filmed at Shepparton Studios in 1964, the SWINGING UK films were two shorts intended to bookend features at your local fleapit.

Featuring the cream of Ready Steady Go regulars, shot in glorious technicolour, and beautifully filmed by the greats of British film making talent (including a young Nic Roeg as a cameraman), the SWINGING UK films feature The Animals, The Applejacks, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, The Cockneys, The Four Pennies, The Hollies, Lulu and the Luvvers, The Merseybeats, Millie, The Magil Five, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Tornadoes, and The Wackers.


The Joe Loss Orchestra was one of the most successful big band acts in British pop history, spanning both the swing and pop eras, and with over twenty Top 20 hits throughout the sixties.

Hits included the 1966 World Cup theme, the theme from the Thunderbirds, and timeless versions of David Rose’s “The Stripper” and “March of the Mods”.

The Joe Loss Orchestra, despite being rather squarer than the beat groups of the sixties, continued to perform at the NME Poll Winners Awards throughout the sixties, and Elvis Costello’s father, Ross McManus, sang with the Orchestra, and can be seen in The Mood Man.

With films, DJs and dancing, this night promises to prove once and for all that there was more to the sixties beat scene than the Beatles and the Stones.

With: DJ Michael Clunkie, Miss K, Lord Leigh Park

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Tickets are £3 for members / £4 non-members


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