Work Songs

Work Songswork-songs-poster-1
With: Fire Maidens from Outerspace / Bridie Jackson / Cornshed Sisters / John Egdell / Gem Andrews / Emily Portman
Star + Shadow Cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Saturday, May 2 at 7.30pm
(all proceeds go to to assist imprisoned trade unionists)

Following the success of our themed nights on Murder, Drinking, Christmas and … well … shagging, Work Songs celebrates the trials and tribulations of the work place, and at the same time raises money for, an organisation that raises awareness of workplace conditions around the world, and the plight of imprisoned trade unionists.

Starting the evening with the Ealing classic, I’m All Right Jack, we are then joined by the best musical talent the North East has to offer.

Check out this array of talent:

Fire Maidens from Outerspace:
Bridie Jackson:
Cornshed Sisters:
John Egdell:
Gem Andrews:
Emily Portman:

_ _ _

I’M ALL RIGHT JACK (Boulting Brothers, GB, 1959)

Starring Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough, Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers, I’m All Right Jack is a cynical take on labour relations in post-war Britain.

Sellers plays one of his best-known roles, as the trade union shop steward Fred Kite, and won a Best Actor Award from the British Academy. The rest of the cast included many well-known English comedy actors of the time.

In this classic Ealing comedy, the trade unions, workers, and bosses are all seen to be incompetent or corrupt to varying degrees. The film is one of a number of satires made by the Boulting Brothers between 1956 and 1963. Curiously, some trade unionists have rather enjoyed it in an ironic way, since the shop steward Fred Kite is the most interesting character, and it was one of the few films of that time to deal even halfway seriously with trade unionism and factory life.

Excerpt from I’m All Right Jack:
_ _ _

Tickets are £5 for members / £6 non-members
_ _ _


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