Songs about F*¢king: An evening of aural sex for Valentine’s Night

knittingStar + Shadow Cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Saturday, February 14 at 7:30pm

In the tradition of our hugely successful Murder Ballads and Drinking Songs nights, and in homage to Valentine’s Day, we present the ultimate in taboo-busting themed-nights.

We’ll be showing vintage nudie and s*x education films from the fifties and sixties, and topping that with a viagric cast of musical talent will get you hot, sweaty and running for the cold shower.

There’ll be barrel-house blues influenced Bridie Jackson, naughty English folk from Emily Portman and Christi Andropolis, and the hips that were banned by Tyne Tees – Mr Staggerin’ Jon Lee.

You can expect Lady Caroline Mary to notch up the class with her erotic hymns to cakes and cats, Nicky Rushton and Zoe Lambert to get all gender confusing, and the four part harmonies of the Fire Maidens from Outer Space to get you flustered and mathematical.

DJ Michael Clunkie Vinyl Junkie will be playing the daftest erotic hits from the seventies – orgasmic moans, blood engorged beats and Penthouse pets doing disco.

There’ll be the usual prizes for best dressed, plenty of free gifts and you should bring your own tissues!

All this for only £5? You betcha sweet ass!


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