Alistair Hulett and the Malkies

Alistair Hulett

Alistair Hulett

with: Emily Portman / Hundred Man Orchestra
The Cumberland Arms
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Sunday, October 5 at 8:00pm

Newcastle welcomes back Scottish folk legend Alistair Hulett with a new band and a new album.

Featuring the combined skills of Alistair, Hugh Whitaker, Hugh Bradley, Phil Snell and Rachel Goodwin, the Malkies are a heady mix of country, folk and Celtic influences, with a strong political edge.

Alistair last thrilled the crowd at the Star and Shadow in May where his set included songs from the Red Clydeside album, and his folk-punk era Roaring Jack sets.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Alistair Hulett emigrated to New Zealand and then Australia, where he fronted the 1980s punk folk band, Roaring Jack and later formed The Hooligans featuring Jimmy Gregory.

Before moving back to England in 1996, Alistair met Dave Swarbrick who he has worked in collaboration with, among others, over the past years. His songwriting has caught the ear of several well-known folk artists who have recorded his songs, including June Tabor, The Irish Rovers, Roy Bailey, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Niamh Parsons and Andy Irvine.

As well as touring political word and song presentations in partnership with James Scott, Alistair recently joined the Malkies who formed around a year ago. The term Malkies is 1970s Glaswegian slang for a cut-throat razor, named after the former right-wing prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Frazer.

The Malkies’ repertoire includes a selection of Alistair’s own politically driven songs in addition to re-workings of traditional songs from Scotland, Ireland, England and the Americas.

The Malkies describe themselves as making ‘hybrid music for uncertain times’, and emphasise the broad range of influences and lack of genre boundaries in their music, delivering an eclectic mixture of sounds described by David Kidman of as ‘quite unique and tremendously exhilarating’.

The Malkies first album Suited and Booted (Limbo Music) has been received well, receiving some great reviews. (See below!)

This gig will see support from Emily Portman (recently described as ‘the best English folk newcomer of 2008’), and the folk/jazz fusion of Hundred Man Orchestra.

“It’s been a long time coming but some things are worth waiting for. Gone is the wall of sound and full-on aural assault of yore, replaced by a more relaxed, thoughtful and restrained melodic approach that allows the creative lyrical strength of Hulett’s songwriting to come to the fore”
– Sean McGhee ROCKnREEL Sept/Oct 2008

“The Malkies patrol a territory where folk-rock borders country music and Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie songs sit easily alongside traditional ballads and Hulett’s own urban truths.” – The Herald

Tickets £6.50


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