Suzy Mangion: Music and film

Suzy Mangion: Music and Films
Star + Shadow Cinema

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Saturday, September 20 at 8:00pm

Suzy Mangion

Suzy Mangion is one of those performers music critics rave about, but not enough people have heard of; just look at the reviews below.

Luckily, Urban & Eastern have heard of Suzy and will bring her to the Star and Shadow Cinema, where she’ll curate an evening of two things she is passionate about: music and avant-garde film.

Starting from a Durham cupboard containing only a piano and a drumkit, Suzy began her public music-making in 1994 as one half of duo George, who released a number of acclaimed secret pop records on Earworm, Bad Jazz and Pickled Egg Records.

In 2006, Suzy Mangion split George and loaded her collection of toy keyboards onto her percussion trolley, and went over the mountain. Which is where we find her now.

Her first solo album, The Other Side Of The Mountain, is a record of old-fashioned length and unfashionable feeling. Distinctively intimate production and melancholic song-writing have created an intense and charming record.

Suzy’s songs explore many styles, but are always unified by her trademark haunting vocals and complex harmonies. She experiements with electronics, old and new, mixed with a bricolage of beats, banjos and beat-up pianos.

In addition to her solo work, Suzy is one half of gentle duo THE WINTER JOURNEY, and a member of Spanish electronica act ARBOL. She has also collaborated with Piano Magic, Big Eyes Family Players’, and on the new James Yorkston and the Athletes album.

Recent live performances have included Sónar, Latitude Festival, Iglesia de Santa Lucia in Seville, Holy Trinity Church in Leeds, and a tour with A Hawk And A Hacksaw.

Her performance at the Star and Shadow will include a screening of films by Peter Greenaway, Patrick Keiller, Man Ray, Georges Melies and Guy Maddin.

“Suzy Mangion’s one of those people who ends up creating a lot of good music without anyone realising it until they look back a bit and go ‘Hey, wait a minute…’ … as electronically creepy as the most terrifying moments on the new Portishead… but when she breaks out the overdubbed vocal work the rapturous overload is its own reward. There’s more variety, and more beauty, on here than most other albums are going to show this year.” [Plan B]

“Suzy Mangion’s voice cuts through the muggy layer of post-modernism to deliver songs that beautifully capture a sense of perpetual loss through the passing of time itself” [The Wire]

“Suzy Mangion writes intimate torch songs with multi-instrumentalist Michael Varty. One minute she sounds like Joni Mitchell crooning over a Wurlitzer, the next she’s whispering like Vincent Gallo’s long-lost cousin over a fragile score of guitars, chimes, strings and loops. Either way, the results are never less than mesmerising” [Uncut]

Tickets £4/3 concessions


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